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Smashing Pumpkins FAQ v9.0 (September, 2014)

Welcome to the Smashing Pumpkins Frequently Asked Questions file. Please read this entire FAQ before posting on one of the web's many Pumpkins-related forums. It contains an extremely large amount of information compiled over many years, and reading it will save a lot of time covering basic info.

If you have any additions or corrections for the FAQ, please e-mail Thanks.

To be sent the full version of the FAQ via e-mail, send a blank message to Alternatively, the text version is also available on the web here:

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If you want to help in the translation or language verification of the FAQ, give us a shout!

-= Table of Contents=-
0. Legal Disclaimer
1. General
  1.1 Who are these Smashing Pumpkins?
  1.2 General newsgroup/list info
  1.3 Getting on and off Listessa
  1.4 General netiquette
  1.4a Flamewars and Crossposting
  1.5 Appropriate Subject lines
  1.6 Acronyms, abbreviations, and common definitions
  1.6a 'Singles' - radio vs CDS/7 inch singles etc.
  1.7 'ObSP' - obligatory on-topicness
  1.8 Things NOT to ask or bring up/threads which go nowhere
  1.9 Validity of information
2. Songs/Albums
  2.1 Short discography
  2.1a Adore Documentary
  2.1b 'Mashed Potatoes' box set
  2.1c Internet releases: Gravity Demos, F&EOMM , Machina II
  2.2 Finding Lyrics
  2.3 Guitar/bass Tablature
  2.3a Piano Scores
  2.4 Cover songs
  2.5 Unreleased Songs
  2.6 Where to find given live songs
  2.7 Short guide to radio songs
  2.8 Songs sung by other members
  2.9 "Secret" messages/sounds
  2.10 Song/album meanings
  2.11 Vieuphoria/Earphoria - extra/unreleased songs
  2.12 Differences between releases
  2.12a Gish - original/remastered
  2.12b Siamese Dream - clean/explicit version, import; US Re-issue
  2.12c Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - 3LP
  2.12d Ava Adore - 7" single
  2.12e Earphoria - promo/bootleg/official release
  2.12f Import/domestic singles
  2.12g Vinyl - variant B-sides
  2.12h Deluxe Re-issues
  2.13 Common/recurring lyrics
  2.14 Photos/Cover art
  2.15 MP3s
  2.16 Machina related questions and answers
3. Band Info
  3.1 Origin of name
  3.2 First appearance
  3.3 Short Bios
  3.3a Past Members
  3.4 Band Management
  3.5 Recording Sessions
  3.6 Is Billy left-handed or right-handed?
  3.7 Equipment
  3.7a Special Effects
  3.7b E-Bow
  3.7c Mellotron
  3.8 SP Fan Club; SPIFC (SP Internet Fan Club)
  3.9 Contacting the band
  3.10 Alternate Names Used By The Band
4. Merchandise
  4.1 Pricing/finding rarities
  4.2 Books
  4.3 T-Shirts
  4.4 Videos
  4.5 Bootlegs
  4.6 Trading
  4.7 B&P, Tape/CDR/DAT Trees
5. News/Info/Net Resources
  5.1 Brief history/landmark events
  5.2 Double Door info
  5.3 The keyboard/drummer events
  5.4 Tour Info
  5.5 IRC Info
  5.6 Web links for cool stuff
6. Miscellaneous/Semi-Related
  6.1 '666' Bootleg video
  6.2 Starchildren
  6.3 Catherine
  6.4 The Frogs
  6.5 Scratchie Records
  6.6 Cabal (...) / Junta (...)
  6.7 Techniques for stealth recording live shows
  6.8 What SP landmarks should I visit while in Chicago ?
7. The Afterlife
  7.1 What did everyone do after the band broke up?
  7.2 Re-formed?
8. Conclusion
  8.1 Acknowledgments
  8.2 FAQ History
  8.3 Disclaimer

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