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4.3 T-Shirts

NOTE:  If you have any official tour shirts that are not listed here, please 
send a description to  :-)  Thanks.

     Here's a text-based description of the t-shirts, roughly in order of 

     1. Devil shirt - Black with red/purple devil and gold glitter.  Back says
     "Mission To Mars". 

     2. Angel shirt - White with blue/silver angel & globe.  Back says
     "Altitude Not Attitude". 

     3. Gish picture shirt - White with b/w picture from inside Gish liner,
     with white "Smashing Pumpkins" and "gish" text from the cover. 

     4. SP Heart shirt - White with red/black SP heart logo.  One version has
     city scene on back, with SD song titles as neon signs, other version has
     the following text: 

     this is a smashing pumpkins t-shirt.  rather than ask me why i'm wearing
     this ask yourself why am i reading this?  the message is there is no
     message.  one million souls tossing down their hard earned lettuce for a
     piece of the hot rock indie alternative pie.  i've sold out.  how about
     you?  everybody's doing it even if they say they're not.  don't ask me
     cause i don't know.  rock saves.  it's the next big thing.  have you
     heard the next big thing?  i'm part of the revolution.  it's all coming
     down soon.  hope you're there. 

     5. Disarm Smile shirt - White with red/black "Smile" picture on front,
     1993-4 tour dates on back. 

     6. Siamese Dream cover shirt - White with SD promo poster (2 girls, one
     with a popsicle).  Back has either tour dates for Midwest tour, or for
     entire fall tour. 

     7. Star shirt - Black with red star & "smashing pumpkins" written in
     white in the SD font.  Back says "just say maybe". 

     8. Clown shirt 1 - Red with green clown in blue oval, 'smashing pumpkins'
     written around inside of oval. 

     9. Clown shirt 2 - Black with white/yellow clown, red stars, etc.  Back
     has partial songlist in yellow & green. 

     10. Spaceboy shirt - Purple, with orange cartoon astronaut.  Back has
     part of Starla lyrics. 

     11. MCIS shirt - Navy blue, MCIS cover image on front, back cover on
     back.  Tie-dyed version also available. 

     12. Blue SP Heart shirt - Navy blue with white SP heart logo outline. 

     13. Liner pic shirt - Black with picture of rabbits & rats smoking, white
     skull on back. 

     14. Discs shirt - MCIS CD images on front (pink/blue circles), tour dates
     on back. 

     15. ZERO shirt - Black with silver "ZERO" and star, small silver SP heart
     on left sleeve.  Short or long-sleeved. Also available with grey body,
     and light blue sleeves and writing. Also available with red body,and black
     sleeves and writing. Also available with tan body, and brown sleeves and

     16. 'Zero' tank top - Women's black tank top with silver Zero on the front
     and silver heart underneath. Back has silver hart on back

     17. "Leave Me Alone" shirt - White with sketched smiley faces in a spiral
     with red bar codes on their foreheads.  Back says "Leave Me Alone" in red
     1979 font 

     18. Black SP Heart shirt - Black with silver SP heart logo.  Back says
     "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" and includes a tracklist. 

     19. Vegas Logo shirt - Black with "Smashing Pumpkins" written in a
     neon-like cursive, orange with yellow outline & dots.  Background has
     silver stars and a planet. 

     20. "World is a Vampire" shirt - Black with large silver frowning face
     with fangs & horns, says "the world is a vampire" in MCIS liner font.
     Back says "The Smashing Pumpkins Infinite Sadness Tour" in the Mellon
     Collie font. 

     21. Baby Doll shirt -  White with red SP heart logo.  One size "Grrrl"

     22. Thermal heart shirt - Black long-sleeve thermal-textured shirt with
     silver & white embroidered SP heart logo 

     23. 'Adore' cover shirt - cover of 'Adore' on front, back has tour dates 
     from 1998 tour, and words, "The Smashing Pumpkins World Tour".

     24. 'Adore' shirt #2 - trio of black & white pictures of individual
     band members, with "The Smashing Pumpkins" printed in silver in center.
     Back has picture of D'arcy in see-through shirt, from 'Adore' booklet.

     25. 'Machina' shirt #1 - On the front it says "The Smashing Pumpkins" 
     along with a picture of the album cover and "MACHINA/the machines of God". 
     The back says "The Sacred and Profane Tour 2000", has the tour dates and 
     an image of Plate XII from the album's artwork.

     26. 'Machina' shirt #2 - White tee with "The Smashing Pumpkins" above 
     Plate IV on the front. Back has text above Plate XI.
     27. 'Machina' shirt #3 - Black tee with "The Smashing Pumpkins" above
     Plate II. Back has text above an unknown Plate.
     28. 'Machina' shirt #4 - Black tee with "The Smashing Pumpkins" above
     Plate II. Back has text "Without FOCUS Without GENERATION Without PEER"
     below an unknown plate.
     29. 'Machina' shirt #5 - Front has SP logo  (cross with "s" on the left 
     and "p" on the right). Back, in Machina Font "The Smashing Pumpkins  
     Machina the Machines of God"
     30. 'The End' - Black tee with "The Smashing Pumpkins" above a picture
     of a Gish era picture of the band standing in fron of a street sign that
     says "END". Back is plain.

Older shirts are going to be somewhat difficult to track down, but they can be 

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