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8.1 Acknowledgments

This work could not have been made possible without the generous contributions 
(info and otherwise) from the following people: Adam Bellinger; 
Adam Cutler; Adam Newman; Allison Baird; Andrew Miller; Ankh Raid; Badfish; 
Brian McCall; Brandon; BuGG; Chris Carman; Chris Wainscott; Christine Henry;
Damian Strigens, and Dennis & Jimmy Flemion; Dave Asselin; Davin Mehrbani;
Emmy Bristow; Eric Heutchy; Henry Bent; J. Petrait; Jeremy Adams; Jeremy Freeman;
Jesse Miller; Josh Sherman; Joshua Provost; Karl Daher; Kim Wisniewski;
Laura Ann Masura; Looselucy9; Marci; Mark Gillis; Mark Andrew Hamilton;
all the Matts and Mikes; Matthius Rheaume; Melissa Matuzak; Mike Hamilton;
Nikki Christoff; Onica Balsh; Phil Herring; Pissant; Roger Janssen;
Scott Carpenter; Scott Spencer; Steve Hamel; Steve Hemming; Tariq Hussain;
Tom Jackson; Vince Horst; Wristy; all the other people who've sent in info,
plugged the FAQ; everyone who's taken the time to create a cool, info-packed web
site; and, of course, the band & its members, for their inspiration & all that
awesome music. :)

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