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2.1 Short discography

Gish (1991) - single for "I Am One", 'Lull' EP for "Rhinoceros" 
Peel Sessions (1992) - Siva (different version), Girl Named Sandoz,
Siamese Dream (1993) - singles for "Cherub Rock", "Today", "Disarm" and 
Pisces Iscariot (1994) - B-sides from previous singles, some unreleased 

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (1995) - singles for "Bullet with 
   Butterfly Wings", "1979", "Zero", "Tonight, Tonight", and
   "Thirty-Three". NOTE: In early pressings of the this album there are
   some that have the colours of the discs reversed. ie: Disc 1/Happy face
   is blue and disc 2/Sad face is red. This is NOT UNCOMMON AND THE DISCS

The Aeroplane Flies High (1996) - all MCIS singles & B-sides, plus 5

Adore (1998) - includes singles "Ava Adore", "Perfect".

machina/the machines of God (2000) - includes singles "Everlasting 
   Gaze", "Stand Inside Your Love" and "Try Try Try".

machina II/the friends and enemies of modern music (2000) - a limited 
    release by the band under Billy Corgan's record label. Only 25 copies 
    were made. The band encouraged fans to bootleg the release and put MP3s
    on the internet.

Rotten Apples (Greatest Hits) (2001) - Slightly varies in EU and US 
    versions, but contains many of the Pumpkins most popular and radio songs.
    See the discography for a track listing. This album was packaged with 
    Judas O for a limited time. NOTE: People have said 'The End is the
    Beginning is the End' was a huge hit in the UK, why isn't it on RA?
    Answer: Warner Brothers owns the rights to that song and it was not
    possible to put it on the album without some difficulty (read: expense).

Judas O (2001) - A "limited edition" companion to Rotten Apples. It is
    a follow-up to the band's first B-sides release, Pisces Iscariot. 

Greatest Hits Video Collection 1991-2000 - A DVD with all the band's videos
    except TEITBITE. (See Rotten Apples explanation above) There are also
    2 live videos of the band's performances of Geek U.S.A. and Fuck You
    respectively. Check's discography for more info.

Zeitgeist (2007) - the first release in 7 years after TSP re-formed

Teargarden by Kaleidyscope (2009 thru ?) - a 44-song project originally planned
    to be released online for free, one song at a time, with 4-track EPs
    (including an additional bonus track on vinyl only) coming out in between.
    Only 2 physical EPs (with vinyl-only bonus tracks) were released, and the
    last downloadable track (Owata) was released in May 2011, for a total of 12

Oceania (2012) - Slated as an "album within an album" and supposedly part of the
    above Teargarden project.

Monuments to an Elegy / Day For Night (2015?) - 2 new albums currently in the
    works, with planned release dates in 2015. Will feature Tommy Lee on drums.

Several soundtracks & compilation CDs also have unique tracks, most (but not
all) of which have been compiled in the digital Rarities and B-Sides release.

For more discography info, check out spfc's discography section at 

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