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1.3 Getting on and off Listessa

Listessa no longer operates, so this section is here purely for
historical purposes.

First, make sure the list is operational. You can do this by checking the
Official Listessa at [defunct] and checking to
see if there's a smiley face or a sad face. A smiley face means that the list 
is operational, and the sad face means that Listessa is out of action for one
reason or another.  Click on the face for more info and special instructions.

   To subscribe to Listessa, send an email message to [defunct] 
with the following message body: 

   subscribe smashing-pumpkins (your name) 

Insert your name (omit parentheses) and leave the subject line blank.  If all 
goes well, you will soon get a welcome message, which will include the Listessa
FAQ, which is also available at
READ IT!  It contains the rules & guidelines of the list, as well as other 
special instructions. 

To post a message to the list, simply reply to any of the Listessa emails, or
start a new message addressed to: [defunct]
Please quote only what is necessary, not entire digests. :-) 

Unsubscribing: (Straight from the Listessa FAQ)
To unsubscribe from the SP mailing list, send a letter to [defunct]
(*NOT* [defunct] )with the following, and *ONLY* the following, in the body
of the letter: 
     unsub smashing-pumpkins 

Do *NOT* include your e-mail address, a signature file, the name of your pet
hamster, or any other information in the letter. Leave the subject line blank.

Please note: after you unsubscribe, you will receive a letter saying 'Thanks 
for being with us.' You may still receive a digest or two from the list after
this. Do not be alarmed, this is normal. If, a few days later, you are still
getting digests, and you are sure you have followed the instructions correctly,
feel free to email Karl Daher for help. Karl logs in one or two
times a day to maintain the list.

Do NOT post a message to the list asking how to get off, or to be taken off.  
It's very annoying, and will not work. For more info, check the Listessa web 
site or send an email message with the body "help" to [defunct]

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