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6.3 Catherine

Catherine was a band consisting of Mark Rew (guitar/vocals), Fever (guitar),
Gus (percussion/keyboards), Keith Brown (bass), and Kerry Brown (drums).
Former members include Neil Jendon, Jerome Brown, and Cliff Fox. They were
associated with the Pumpkins back in the 90s, as drummer Kerry Brown was married
to Pumpkins' bassist D'arcy at the time.

Catherine's releases are: the split 7" with Starchildren (Songs About
Girls/Delusions of Candor - TVT 4612-7); the Sparkle/Charmed (for Taylor) 7" on 
Limited Potential (LimP 011); an EP "Sleepy" (March Records MAR 005, reissued 
TVT 4610); Songs About Girls/It's No Lie 7" on Rough Trade (45rev35); and 
albums "Sorry" (TVT 4620-2) and "Hot Saki & Bedtime Stories" (TVT 9020-2).   
There's also a track "End of Something" on the Absolute Middle of Nowhere #17 
compilation.  Videos are available for It's No Lie, Songs About Girls, Saint, 
and Four-Leaf Clover.

Earlier releases were very guitar-heavy (3 guitars), and the final songs on 
Sleepy and Sorry feature extended feedback jams similar to "Drown"- their last
release was a bit more poppy. 

Billy Corgan co-produced the 2 7" releases and Sleepy EP.  D'Arcy sang 
on "Four-Leaf Clover" and "Punch Me Out" from "Hot Saki & Bedtime  Stories", on 
which James Iha & Jimmy Chamberlin are also credited for "additional 
equipment".  "Blew Away" (Disarm (smile) single, Pisces Iscariot) features 
Kerry Brown on drums.  Kerry was also a co-owner of Scratchie Records, and has 
helped record and produce a number of SP songs. 

In 2011, Kerry suggested the possibility of new Catherine material or concerts
on twitter (@studiodog). On October 14 of that year, Catherine "reunited" to
play 2 songs during the encore of the Pumpkins' show at the Riviera in Chicago.
To date, nothing further has been announced.

For more info, check their wiki page at:

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