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5.1 Brief history/landmark events

1988/89- band forms, plays around Chicago, releases demo tapes
1990- I Am One 7", Tristessa 7" and 12" released
1991- Gish & Lull released; tour with Red Hot Chili Peppers & Pearl Jam
1992- "Singles" soundtrack; Reading Festival
1993- Siamese Dream released, selling millions; major tour
1994- band headlines Lollapalooza; Pisces Iscariot released
1995- Double Door concerts; another Reading Festival appearance;
      MCIS released, outsells Siamese Dream;
1996- American Music Awards; Simpsons "Hullabalooza" appearance; 
      major tour; keyboardist dies, drummer fired; band
      wins 7 MTV Video Music Awards; Ransom & Lost Highway soundtracks; 
      TAFH box set released
1997- Batman & Robin soundtrack; European festival concert
1998- Adore released (June 2). Short promo tour follows
1999- Arising Tour; D'Arcy leaves & Jimmy rejoins
2000- Resume The Pose promotional & autograph tour; The Sacred and Profane 
      world tour. Billy announces band will break up at end of the year
2002- Billy and Jimmy join up with 3 other musicians and form Zwan, which
      lasts for 1 album and a couple years
2005- Billy releases a solo album, TheFutureEmbrace, and Jimmy releases an
      album with his project, the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
2006- Billy announces the reformation of The Smashing Pumpkins!  The only
      details known are that Billy and Jimmy are members
2007- Re-formed TSP goes on tour w/ new members Jeff Schroeder (guitar), Ginger
      Reyes (bass), and Lisa Harriton (keyboards); Zeitgeist released July 7
2009- Ginger, Lisa, and eventually Jimmy all leave the band; new members
      Nicole Fiorentino (bass) and Mike Byrne (drums) join;
      Teargarden by Kaleidyscope project begins
2011- Deluxe re-issues and TSP Archive projects announced; Gish & SD reissued
2012- Oceania tour plays new album in its entirety; Pisces & MCIS reissues
2013- Oceania tours finish; TAFH reissue released; Nicole & Mike's last tour
2014- Recording begins for 2 new albums with Tommy Lee on drums; Adore reissue
2015- Monuments/Day for Night to be released?; Machina/M2 reissues?

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