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1.6 Acronyms, abbreviations, and common definitions

Common SP-related/song acronyms: 
amsp  -, the Usenet newsgroup (now mostly defunct)
ams-p - Same as previous
BC    - Billy Corgan 
B0lly - Billy Corgan, a play on the "leet" spelling of "b1lly"
BSBT  - Blue Skies Bring Tears (Machina song)
BwBW  - Bullet with Butterfly Wings (MCIS song/single) 
CR    - Cherub Rock (SD song/single) 
DD    - Double Door, a bar in Chicago (see 5.2)
DFN   - Day For Night, 1 of 2 albums planned for 2015 release
FOL   - A song title, also standing for the chorus "Feel Our Love"
GLOW  - Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, also a song title
HMM   - Heavy Metal Machine (Machina song)
JC    - Jimmy Chamberlin
JI    - James Iha
LMGTWTY - Let Me Give The World To You (Adore/Machina era song)
MAdM  - Melissa Auf der Maur
MCIS  - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (3rd studio album, 2CD/3LP) 
MP    - Mashed Potatoes (See section 2.5a)
MTAE  - Monuments To An Elegy, 1 of 2 albums planned for 2015 release
MTMOG - Machina/the machines of God (5th studio album)
ng    - newsgroup 
NSPAA - New Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive (After SPAA was shut down)
PI    - Pisces Iscariot (B-sides compilation from 10/94) 
PM    - Pastichio Medley (23-minute conglomeration of 70 song snippets, 
        found on Zero EP) 
SD    - Siamese Dream (2nd studio album, breakthrough release) 
SIYL  - Stand Inside Your Love (Machina Song/Single)
SP    - Smashing Pumpkins (need I say more?) - also TSP ("The" added)
SPAA  - Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archive (former mp3 site)
SPFC  - Smashing Pumpkins Fan Collaborative (
SPIFC - Smashing Pumpkins Internet Fan Club (
SPLRA - Smashing Pumpkins Live Recording Association 
        ( - tracks and arranges the recording 
        of upcoming concerts, organize tape trees - see 4.7)
STRTJ    - Set the Ray to Jerry (1979 B-side) 
TAFH     - The Aeroplane Flies High (box set of MCIS CD singles) 
TEITBITE - The End is the Beginning is the End (song from Batman and 
           Robin soundtrack) 
TBITEITB - The Beginning is the End is the Beginning (its counterpart) 
TBK      - Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, the 44-song album project started in 2009
TT       - Tonight, Tonight (MCIS song, single) 
WPC      - William Patrick Corgan (Billy's full name, which he uses
XYU      - not an acronym, as many ask about, but a homonym for "Ex, why 
           you?"  Answered by the man himself. 

Other common general acronyms: 
3|i+3 - (3l1+3m, 1337, etc.) Alternate 'warez' spelling of "Elite".
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFAIAC - As Far As I Am Concerned (Also AFAIC)
aka   - Also Known As 
B&P   - Blanks and postage (See section 4.7)
CD    - Compact Disc 
CDS   - CD single (i.e. BwBW) 
FS    - For Sale (helpful in subject line) 
FT    - For Trade (helpful in subject line) 
FWIW  - For What It's Worth 
HTH   - Hope This Helps (usually said sarcastically) 
IMHO  - In My (Humble|Honest) Opinion 
ISO   - In Search Of
IWNBT - I will not be trolled
LOL   - Laughing Out Loud 
OT    - Off Topic
NP:   - Now Playing (used at end of messages to indicate what poster 
        was listening to at the time of posting)
NSFW  - Not Safe For Work- an image or video (often nudity) which may get
        the viewer into trouble if viewed while at work- posting these is
        generally banned on most web forums
ROFL  - Rolling On the Floor, Laughing (also ROFLMAO, adding "My Ass
RTFM  - Read The Fine Manual (although 'Fine' is often replaced by
        another word of the user's choice)
SFW   - Safe For Work (see NSFW above)
TBH   - To Be Honest
UCE   - Unsolicited Commercial Email (aka email spam) 
WTB   - Wanted To Buy (helpful in subject line) 
WTT   - Wanted To Trade (helpful in subject line) 
YHBT. HAND. - You Have Been Trolled(+). Have A Nice Day. 
           (+see below for definition)

Most other abbreviations are song titles.  If it's not immediately
recognizable, just think & you should be able to figure it out.

Common definitions: 
:-)     - a smiley face (tilt your head to the left), used to denote
       humor and/or sarcasm (variants:  :P"   :(   >:(   ;)   etc.) 
       There are also "Japanese-style" smileys: ^_^ ^^; ;_; o_O; etc.

B-side  - a song found on a single that isn't the title track (i.e. "The 
       Last Song"). Named from the days of vinyl, when 45s had a popular
       song on one side (the A-side) and another, perhaps unreleased song
       on the other (the B-side).  Third songs on vinyl are thus referred
       to as C-sides 

Bootleg - an unofficial recording, referring either to someone's personal 
       recording of a live show, or a bootleg company's CD pressing of such a
       recording, or of unreleased studio demos (see 4.5). Some tapers take
       offense to this term as it may imply illegal profiting, so they use
       "taper", "live recording", etc.

EP      - stands for "Extended Play", as opposed to an LP (Long Play). 
       Generally shorter than a full release (LP), but usually longer
       than a single.  Example: Lull EP, Peel Sessions, Zero EP 

Flame   - a message that harshly ridicules someone else or their opinion 
       through the use of personal attack rather than reason & logic.
       Usually feature lots of capital letters, exclamation marks,
       obscene and derogatory remarks, and misspelled words. :-) 

Killfile - a feature of old Usenet newsreaders that allows users to specify
       names, subject lines, or other patterns (even entire domains) which
       they don't want to read.  Upon reading news, these patterns are
       automatically "killed", and the reader never has to see those messages.
       Useful for ignoring/avoiding heavy crossposts, lame threads, or messages
       from anyone you simply don't want to read from. :-) 

(plonk) - the sound of someone being added to a killfile (i.e. if someone 
       plonks you, they've added you to their killfile, which means
       they'll never see another message from your email address again) 

Promo - Short for "Promotional Release". A CD, vinyl, cassette tape etc. that 
      is released to radio stations and others in the music industry in an 
      effort to promote the music on that recording. They are not commercially 
      availalble (ie: you can't buy them at the local record shop) but they can 
      usually be found quite easily. The track listing is usually shorted (less 
      songs) than the standard release, and there are generally never any extra 
      songs available on a promo that are not available on the traditional 
      release. Note: A "Call Out Hook" (sometimes advertised as an extra track 
      on promotional releases) are only 10-15 second tidbits of the music of a 
      particular song that are used for making ads on radio stations.

.sig    - short for signature, a small file automatically appended to the 
       end of all outgoing messages and/or posts.  Generally includes
       name, email address, URL, and/or a clever quote, etc.  Netiquette
       standards allow for 4 lines- anything longer is usually frowned
       upon, and large ASCII art is almost always complained about.  Keep
       in mind that it's something people are going to see every time you
       write, then keep it accordingly short and sweet. Web forums generally
       allow for images in your .sig, as long as they are Safe For Work.

Stealth - referred to a recording made at a live show that nobody (esp.
       venue security) is aware of, i.e. mics and equipment are hidden
       (as opposed to using mic stands and/or plainly visible equipment).
       Many early recordings were made using this technique, before the band
       officially allowed recording. Still, as venue security are not always
       aware of the band's open taping policy, many tapers still record this
       way to avoid hassle.

Thread  - a group of messages with the same subject or subject line.
       Modern web forums will treat these as a linear conversation, and
       list all replies in the same "thread" page.

Top Posting - A reply to a newsgroup or mailing list message, in which
       the person replying inserts their reply -above- the message quote
       that they are replying to. Don't do this.

Troll - a post specifically designed to generate as many replies as 
       possible (usually in the form of a blatant flame, obviously
       incorrect information, or (missed) sarcasm).  Most likely named
       after a fishing technique 

Yelling - using all capital letters (usually considered rude and
       annoying) Also known as shouting, screaming, etc.

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