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2.7 Short guide to radio songs

The following is a short guide to songs you're likely to hear on the radio, so 
if you don't know a song by name, this should help you out. If you can't find
it here, try doing a search for the lyrics at:

1979 - played semi-often.  Drum loop with live drums, clean guitars. 
"Shakedown, 1979..."  Found on MCIS & as a single. 
Ava Adore - heavy, distorted drum loop (electronic-style drums). "You'll always 
be my whore".  Played heavily before and after release of 'Adore'. 

Bullet with Butterfly Wings - played often in 95-6.  Distorted.  "Despite all 
my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage."  Found on MCIS & as a single. 

The Celestials - first single from Oceania (2012). Acoustic guitar, strings
and synths, w/ repeated lines "everything I want is free"

Cherub Rock - played often during SD era.  Opens with drum roll.  "Let me out, 
let me out..."  Found on Siamese Dream & as a single. 
Destination Unknown - very synthy Missing Persons cover found in TAFH. 

Disarm - played often a few years ago, still played occasionally. Acoustic 
guitar, timpani, cello and bells.  "Disarm you with a smile..." "I used to be a 
little boy" etc.  Found on Siamese Dream & as a single. 

Doomsday Clock - First track of Zeitgeist, used on the Transformers soundtrack.
Fast and heavy, chorus repeats "Please don't stop, it's lonely at the top"

Drown - played occasionally.  Long, spacey.  "No matter where you are, I can 
still hear you when you drown..."  Unedited version includes a long feedback 
solo at the end.  Found on Singles soundtrack. 

The End Is The Beginning Is The End - song from Batman and Robin soundtrack, 
released for radio play.  Heavy distorted guitars, some synth, electronic 

The Everlasting Gaze - from Machina/the machines of God; Distorted guitar 
intro, first lyrics are "You know I'm not dead!".

Eye - played occasionally.  Drum kit, synth.  "Turn to the gates of Heaven, to 
myself be damned..."  Found on Lost Highway soundtrack. 

Frail & Bedazzled - used to be played often, still airs occasionally. Heavy 
I/IV guitar riff, one verse drops to vocals-only.  Found on PI.

Freak - first single from Teargarden. Chorus: "Life is not a dream when you
can't wake up from the dream you wanted"

G.L.O.W. - 2008 single, starts off with distorted bass riff and vocals only,
chorus repeats "Come on, come on, come on, can you feel it?"

Heavy Metal Machine - from Machina/the machines of God; heavy guitar, lyrics 
begin "If I were alive; If I were real; Would you survive".

Landslide - solo acoustic Fleetwood Mac cover.  "And I saw my reflection in a 
snow covered hill..."  Found on Pisces Iscariot & Disarm Heart single. 

Muzzle - played semi-often.  Distorted guitars, fairly heavy.  Drums cut  out & 
enter loudly back in several times.  Starts off "I fear that I am ordinary just 
like everyone."  Found on MCIS (-no- CDS single). 

Never Let Me Down Again - played occasionally.  Clean guitar, mellow cover of 
Depeche Mode song: "I'm taking a ride with my best friend" etc. Found on Rocket 
CDS or 7" (hard to find). 

Owata - Teargarden single with a wrestling-themed music video. Chorus repeats
"Oh what a beautiful night" (O What A = Owata)

Panopticon - 2nd track from Oceania (2012) in 6/8 time, heavy guitars. Repeats
"There's a sun that shines in"

Perfect - second single from 'Adore'.  Light, poppy song.  "Perfect, I promise 
we'll be perfect...".  Played often.  Video is the "continuation" of the 1979 

Rocket - played often during SD era.  Layered distorted guitars.  "I shall be 
free..."  Found on Siamese dream & as a single. 

Stand Inside Your Love - from Machina/the machines of God; cymbal-roll intro, 
lyrics start off "You and me, meant to be", later "Who wouldn't be the one you 
love; who wouldn't stand inside your love".

Tarantula - first post-breakup/re-forming single.  Starts "I don't wanna fight/
every single night", song is in 6/8 time.

That's the Way (My Love Is) - second single from Zeitgeist. Chorus is title.

Thirty-Three - played semi-often.  Acoustic guitar & piano, no drums. "And you -
can make it last, forever you."  Found on MCIS & as a single. 

Today - played often during SD era.  Alternating clean/distorted. "To-day is 
the greatest..." etc.  Found on Siamese Dream & as a single. 

Tonight, Tonight - played semi-often.  Strings, clean guitar. Found on MCIS & 
as a single. 

Try, Try, Try - last Pumpkins single before the band folded; from Machina/the 
machines of God. Simple piano-synth intro, lyrics begin with "Pop tart; What's 
our mission".

Untitled - the last song that the band recorded before folding. First played on 
the radio on Nov 30, 2000 around 8PM (I listened to it!). Was then made an 
official single for the release of the Greatest Hits album. Pop-y, quick paced, 
acousitc; "to feel love, to be in love; all around".

Widow Wake My Mind - medium-tempo Teargarden track, lots of "oh"s and repetition
of the title

You're All I've Got Tonight - Cars cover.  Verses are mostly drums. Found in 
TAFH box set. 

Zero - played semi-often.  Distortion/harmonics.  Found on MCIS & as a single.

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