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2.11 Vieuphoria/Earphoria - extra/unreleased songs

Vieuphoria (and the CD version Earphoria) contains several songs unavailable
elsewhere, which are as follows: 

Bugg Superstar - poppy techno song playing while James talks about his dog
(repeats "Bugg, Bugg, Superstar..."). 

Pulseczar - distorted guitar chords, no drums, weird visual effects. Starts 
with "I hear you calling from the sky" 

Sinfony - 53 second EBow-driven guitar piece at beginning of video

Why Am I So Tired? - instrumental played over ending credits.

Note that the long jam at the end of Silverfuck also appears as a riff
called "Jackboot" in Pastichio Medley, and is available as a standalone
track on Billy's Gravity Demos I.

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