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Fuck You



i'm never coming back
i'm never giving in
i'll never be the shine in your spit
i disconnect the act
i disconnect the dots
i disconnect the me in me
and you're mistaken, it's you that's faking
living and breathing and dying too
this message is for anyone who dares to hear a fool
you can't bring me back, you can't bring me back
cause i give it all back to you
thru sacred alleys, the living wrecks
wreak their havoc upon this world
the disenchanted, the romantics,
the body and face and soul of you is gone down that deep black hole
destroy the mind-destroy the body-but you cannot destroy the heart
and you, you make me so i need to disconnect
and you make it so real
i don't need you love to disconnect
to runaround kids in get-go cars
with vaseline afterbirths and neon coughs
galaxies full of nobodies
giving us the farewell runarounds
i took a virgin mary axe to his sweet baby jane,
lost my innocence to a no good girl,
scratch my face with anvil hands,
and coil my tongue around a bumblebee mouth
and i give it all back to you
no way, i don't need it, i don't need your love to disconnect
and you make it, so real, i don't need your love to disconnect
no way to disconnect
and you make it so real
i don't need your love to disconnect
no way to disconnect

Alt. Titles/Lyrics

Fuck You


Mar - Aug 1995 - Chicago Recording Company
31 May 1995 - Chicago Recording Company (Sequence IV)
Aug 1995 - Village Recorder


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Billy Corgan

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