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Since the tail end of the '80s, The Smashing Pumpkins have been writing, recording and playing music to the joy and delight of many. In addition to the group's music, however, each band member has chosen to dabble into side projects with other bands, or even on their own. At this point, there have been so many releases by both TSP/Zwan and each member's solo/side projects that the discography has been completely re-vamped with more granular categories! Now you can search by band, release type, category, member(s)/personnel, and more! Track times have also been added for most major releases as well (note that due to various pressings & regions, exact track times may vary-- vinyl tracks in particular should be taken as a very rough estimate).

Think you found a new live album that isn't listed here? Try checking the bootlist first- most live and "outtakes" albums are unofficial (i.e. not released by the band's label) and are listed there. Have a lead on a legitimate recording that isn't listed here?? Let us know!!

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