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Bury Me

"The alternate version on the b-disc is the original demo, which was done before we ever met Butch, so you can see the decision was made to pretty much keep faithful version of the album version, there's really not much difference at all, other than Butch's version is far superior. It's a song I actually thought about taking off the album. By the time we got around to recording Gish, I wasn't that partial to the song. Didn't think it was that good of a song. And- but it was one of those things, like- well, we kinda looked around, we didn't have anything better, and I hadn't taken the time to write anything better, so we just ended up recording it. I kinda like it more now, because it does again capture some kind of spirit of the band. There's sort of an awkwardness to it that I like. God knows what the lyrics are about. "Bury me in love, bury me in blood"? Um, a little dark? Yeah, I dunno what else to say about that song. I wrote it in my bedroom, and- you know, a song like that we would spend a tremendous amount of time taking what is almost like a non-song, and working it & working it & working it until it's very dynamic. So even though- the song would survive & succeed & we'd play it live because the dynamics would work, even if the song wasn't so great. So I think it does kinda show something in there. But as a song, I don't rate it much at this point." -BC, Matt Pinfield interview, Nov. 2011

"Bury me in love. Bury me in blood. These lines have no connection to a meaning. Impressions strung along the wires, criss-crossing chants and chasms. Nothing has any meaning. I am buried beneath non-meaning. We are lost. Songs like these point the way; dead ends that are worth coming into blindly with fatal force. I often forget songs like this exist, but they are testament to a faith I once had, now forgotten." -BC, Gish 2011 re-issue liner notes



[over you, like an angel]

bury me in love
bury me in blood

shield your kisses
take your heart
bury me if it hurts

i love my sister so [chain, unchain]
she don't smother me [chain, unchain, unchain]
i breathe in spades i know [unchain]
i'm a jack of all trades
won't you bury me?

want to see her born inside [hide, hide]
some are things you just can't hide
if you see her tell me why [hide, hide]
why won't she come outside

if you see her tell me why [hide, hide]
why won't she come outside
want to see her born inside [hide, hide]
some are things you just can't hide

she waits, bury me
she waits, bury me


1989 - Reel Time Studios
Dec 1990 - Mar 1991 - Smart Studios (Gish recordings)


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Writing Credits
Billy Corgan



The voice at the beginning is Billy, with a "very subtle clue: it's a line from a pre-gish song."

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