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The Smashing Pumpkins

EP / Demo

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CS 1989-xx-xx n/a n/a US [1]  

1. I Am One       [1]  
2. Bury Me       [1]  
3. Not Worth Asking       [1]  
4. Rhinoceros       [1]  
5. Daydream       [1]  

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  • This is sometimes referred to as the "Gish Basement Tape" or "5 Song Sampler".

    This 5-song sampler tape was distributed in several formats. It served as a demo tape for booking purposes, but was also distributed to people associated with the band. There were about 400 cassettes created for this purpose.

    All copies have handwritten labels of varying completeness:
    • band name only
    • band name and copyright information
    • band name, copyright information, track listing

    It is known to exist with and without a j-card insert. The j-card is white, with artwork similar to the Moon demo cassette. The inside contains booking information.

    All versions are from the 1989 Reel Time studio session that produced the Moon demo cassette.
    • "I Am One" & "Not Worth Asking" are identical to the 7".
    • "Rhinoceros" is a demo version with a guitar solo.
    • "Bury Me" is a demo version.
    • "Daydream" is identical to the Moon version.

    These versions have surfaced on bootleg CDs, most notably "Pumpkin Seeds".

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