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Reel Time Sessions II

  1. C'mon
  2. Honeyspider
  3. Honeyspider
  4. Honeyspider II
  5. Bye June
  6. Cinnamon Girl [Neil Young]
  7. Bury Me
  8. (spoken)
  9. Waiting for You Now
  10. Fat Man Blues (abandoned)
  11. Fat Man Blues
  12. Bleed
  13. She (abandoned) / Vanilla (tease) / Fat Man Blues (tease)
  14. Vanilla / My Dahlia (tease)
  15. My Dahlia (abandoned) / My Dahlia (abandoned) / I'm Free [Who] (tease) / Tequila [The Champs] (tease) / Fat Man Blues (tease)
  16. Waiting
  17. Sun (abandoned) / Fat Man Blues (tease)
  18. Stray Cat Blues [Rolling Stones]
  19. I Am One Pt. 2
Label:  (none)
Length: 59:49


Recordings from Reel Time Studios, part II. The second half is mostly acoustic recordings, and includes Billy talking, laughing, joking around, and messing up several times.

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