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Billy's Gravity Demos I

CD 1:
  1. Jellybelly
  2. Ugly (Beautiful One)
  3. Bullet with Butterfly Wings (w/ raw/early vox)
  4. Weeping Willowly (No Escape)
  5. To Forgive (To Forgive For Nothing Less)
  6. Blast
  7. Mouths of Babes (Descendo)
  8. Pennies (And I Stumbled Onto You)
  9. Dizzle
  10. A/Ab/E/B/F#
  11. Rings
  12. So So Pretty (James Complex Song)
  13. With Longing
  14. Love (Straight Ab)
  15. Set the Ray to Jerry
CD 2:
  1. Galapogos (The Innocents)
  2. Speed (A Drone)
  3. Lucky Lad (Busy Downtune Bb/G)
  4. Jackboot
  5. New Wave A to G
  6. A/B/G Drop A
  7. Marquis in Spades (Glamey Glamay)
  8. Walking Country
  9. Tonight, Tonight
  10. The Groover
  11. Germans in Leather Pants (New Wave Echo)
  12. Millieu (Pretty Drop A)
  13. E-drone E/C#/A
  14. The Aeroplane Flies High (Disconnected)

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Label:  (none)
ID: -
Track info: Disc 1:
Tracks 1-15:   1994 - Gravity Studios - studio, electric
Disc 2:
Tracks 1-14:   1994 - Gravity Studios - studio, electric
All tracks electric & instrumental, except Bullet with Butterfly Wings (w/ vocals).


From a 100m cassette, given by BC to an online fan in April 2000 with instructions to "circulate these". Originally, it was supposed to be a 90m cassette with more recent material (see Friend & Enemies of Modern Music, but he screwed up the tape somehow, & dug this one out instead.

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