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Billy's Home Demos
  1. Stumbleine
  2. Jupiter's Lament
  3. Lily (My One and Only)
  4. To Forgive
  5. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  6. Here Is No Why
  7. Galapogos
  8. Frantic Ab Groove
  9. Autumn Nocturne
  10. Blank
  11. Rotten Apples
  12. Ugly
  13. Wishing You Were Real
  14. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  15. Meladori Magpie
  16. Thirty-three
  17. Beautiful (Ropey Lopey)
  18. Marquis in Spades

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Label:  Plum Classics
ID: pscs87
Track info: Tracks 1-18:   Fall 1994 - Sadlands (Billy's house) - studio, acoustic
Length: 00:56:51


Track 6 is mislabeled as 'Here Is No Way'.
Track 8 is mislabeled as 'Instramental (pre X.Y.U.) and believed to have had the working title of 'Ropey Lopey'.
Track 9 is mislabeled as 'Fools We Are (Demo/Song Not Used)'. It is also sometimes referred to as 'Strolling'.
Track 13 is mislabeled as 'Wishing You Were Here'.
Track 17 is mislabeled as 'Instrumental (Embryonic)'.

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