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Fall 1994 - Sadlands (Billy's house)

  (Billy Corgan)


Tracks Recorded



This session is what is known as the Mellon Collie Demo Tape. Oddly enough, all tracks on this tape (except Mellon Collie and Marquis in Spades) were pretty much registered with BMI in the running order of the tape (with a few exceptions). This makes the naming of the unknown songs much easier. The unknown instrumental seems to be called Groove. The song incorrectly called Strolling (Running with the leaves/Do as you please) is actually Autumn Nocturne, and definitely NOT a 1979 demo. The final instrumental, Ropey Lopey, was eventually incorporated into the interlude of Beautiful. At this point in time, Here Is No Why was called Here Is Not Why and Ugly was called Ugly/Beautiful.

Marquis in Spades was at this time called Glamey Glamey (as it was during the Gravity Sessions), but it has been mis-published as Shamay. Electric demos for Feelium and God exist, but are not in circulation.

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