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The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music

  1. Glass' Theme
  2. The Everlasting Gaze (Disco King)
  3. Dross
  4. Blue Skies Bring Tears (Arising! Version)
  5. If There Is a God
  6. Le Deux Machina (Mike Garson version)
  7. Heavy Metal Machine (Version I)
  8. Here's to the Atom Bomb (cut)
  9. Real Love
  10. Money (That's What I Want) [Strong]
  11. X.Y.U.
  12. Once Upon a Time
  13. Crestfallen
  14. Cinder Open (cut)
Label:  (none)
ID: -
Track info: Tracks 1-9:   Nov 1998 - Oct 1999 - Chicago Recording Company - studio, electric
Tracks 10-11:   1998-10-31 - Dodger Stadium; Los Angeles, CA, US - soundboard, electric
Tracks 12-14:   (unknown) - studio demos
Length: ~62:00


From a 60m cassette given by BC to an online fan in April 2000, with instructions to "circulate these". The compilation was originally to be a 90m tape, but it got screwed up, so he dug up the Gravity demos instead, and made this 60m tape the next day. Two tracks were cut, on the end of each side... "Well, tough shit."

The cassette itself was completely unlabeled, leading the final track, 'Cinder Open', to be listed here as '(untitled SD-era instr)' for quite some time, as that was the only clue given to what it was (it was suggested that the song was never given a title). Its true identity was finally revealed when it appear as Cinder Open on the Pisces Iscariot re-issue bonus disc. The "Friends & Enemies" title was given based on a conversation with Billy, before Machina II was released with the same subtitle.

note: not to be confused with the band's final self-released album, Machina II/the Friends & Enemies of Modern Music.

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