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  1. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  2. Set the Ray to Jerry
  3. So Very Sad About Us
  4. Jellybelly
  5. Mouths of Babes
  6. Here Is No Why
  7. God
  8. Love
  9. For Martha
  10. Tonight, Tonight
  11. Methusela
  12. Depresso
  13. Zero
  14. Zero
  15. Here Is No Why
  16. Cherry
  17. Beautiful
  18. Have Love Will Travel
Label:  (none)
ID: -
Track info: Tracks 1-18:   Nov 1994 - Pumpkinland
All tracks instrumental, except tracks 11, 15 and 17.
Track 18 listed as "unknown instrumental" until same track was released on TAFH deluxe reissue in 2013.


2nd set of MCIS-era demos to circulate, first appearing on ebay in March 2000.

When presented with a copy, Billy said that he'd lost his, and that, judging by the tracklist, it was something that he put together for the band to practice to, or for Flood to listen to.

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