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Walking Shade

[BC Solo]

I like where this song comes on the album. Someone I work with told me, "It's that point where you want to put your foot on the accelerator and drive a little faster." Without it, the album tailed off into a blissful thing, and I didn't want that. I wrote this song at the last possible second -- I wasn't sure what I was writing about. Then a week later, this whole thing blew up with this girl, and I had pretty much written what was going to happen but a week before. It's the psychic breakup song. We've made a video for it with all my pasts coming back to haunt me. (BC, interview Aug. 2005)



look at you now
look at you
torn estates
took forever
couldn't wait on words, on sound

i just want you so
you're everything, so cold
the perfume of your rose in bloom

i just want you so
anywhere i go
the chase, the bells below
taken from my soul

on the ninth day god created shame

i'm out walking shade
to brush these fires aside
to calm the rising fight
to build you a new life

should you choose
i've picked the best for you
it's your turn and my time to test
i'll second guess the rest

look at you now
look at you
nothing's faced
took advantage of my faith and called me out

i just want you so
you're everything i'm told
dumb enough to scold this tongue

i just want you so
anywhere i go
a kingdom for your rain
a pocket for your soul

i just want you so
you're everything although
the risk is getting close with you

i'm out walking shade
the sun is going out
the word is getting 'round
that i just want you so


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BMI Number

Writing Credits
Billy Corgan



First single from Billy's debut solo album.

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