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TheFutureEmbrace (promo)

Billy Corgan - EP

Format DOR Label ID Origin    
CD 2005-06-xx Reprise Records 2091240077 US [1] buy []
Tracks of Interest

1. Mina Loy (M.O.H.)   3:53   [1]  
2. A100   4:23   [1]  
3. Walking Shade   3:14   [1]  
4. Now (And Then)   4:44   [1]  



  • promotional EP called "TheFutureEmbrace ep" (ep is written in lowercase letters on the front).
  • Lable/Publishing: 2005 Martha's Music L.L.C. Manufactured and distributed by Reprise Records, A Warner Music Group.
  • "For promotion only. Not for sale." is printed on the CD itself as well as the back insert.
  • The inner-ring of the front side of the CD is solid black. On the back side of the CD the inner ring says: WB-BILLYCORGAN-REP

Pressing Info
  1. unknown pressing quantity

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