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Tribute to Johnny

"We have a Johnny Winter tribute song that we're going to record for the next album. It sounds like Rick Derringer-era Johnny Winter, like the 'Rock'n'Roll Hootchie Koo' days... when i watched the Bob Dylan tribute, the only part that smoked me was when Johnny came out and did 'Highway 61'. Even James Iha, who couldn't give two shits about Johnny Winter, had his mouth hanging open." -BC

"Our tribute to Johnny Winter, circa 1974; a true original, and one of my favorite guitarists." -BC (Guitar World 1/97)





Mar 1995 - Pumpkinland
Mar - Aug 1995 - Chicago Recording Company


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The Aeroplane Flies High   (buy [])
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Zero (promo)

The Aeroplane Flies High
Mellon Collie Disc Three
Rare Stuff Vol. 2

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Billy Corgan / James Iha

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