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  1. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (BC extended piano improv)
  2. The Viper
  3. (funky jam)
  4. Tribute to Johnny
  5. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
  6. Thru the Eyes of Ruby
  7. V8
  8. X.Y.U.
  9. The Black Rider
  10. The Tracer
  11. Zero
  12. The Boy
  13. (Billy & Flood talking)
  14. ("Higher Love" tease/jam)
  15. The Black Rider
  16. (talking)
  17. Zero (blues-y version, "The Zero Strut")
  18. Zero
  19. The Tracer
  20. Cupid de Locke
  21. The Tracer
  22. (talking- Flood/Jimmy/Billy)
  23. Zero (drum & bass)
  24. Zero (drum & bass)
  25. (talking)
Label:  (none)
Track info: Tracks 1-25:   Mar 1995 - Pumpkinland


Video bootleg consisting of raw footage shot in the Pumpkins' recording studio by MTV for their "Rockumentary" on the making of Mellon Collie. Most tracks are incomplete and/or have talking over them, mostly Billy and producer Flood. Notable for a few otherwise unreleased Pastichio Medley jams, as a glimpse of what recording in the studio is like for the band, & how Billy directs the other members. More info on the boot's origins can be found in the 666 FAQ.

Since there are many different fan-made DVD conversions and audio rips from the original VHS source, the track/chapter numbers may not match up on all copies, but are added here in their general order for completeness.

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