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Feel it
Break your bones
Mr. Jones

Taste me
As I bleed
Taste my need

And spaceboy I've missed you
Spinning round my head
And any way you choose me
You'll break instead

Watch me
Death defy
Defile my life

I don't need
I don't care

I want to go home
I want to go home
I want to go home
I want to go home
'cause when a lover aches
That's when a lover breaks
I want to go home
I want to go home

And spaceboy they'll kill me
Before I'm dead and gone
And any way you choose me
It won't be wrong
And anyway you choose me
We won't belong

We won't belong
We won't belong
We won't belong
We won't belong
We won't belong


Fall 1992 - Chicago Studio [?]
Dec 1992 - Mar 1993 - Triclops Sound Studios


Siamese Dream (x3)   (buy [])
Siamese Dream (promo)
Siamese Sampler (promo)
NME Brat Pack 1994

Acoustic Daze
Acoustic Series
The Aeroplane Flies Underground
A La Mode Vol. 2
Astoria '94
The Black Sessions (Sangatte)
Black Sessions (Alley Kat)
The Cutting Edge
The Greatest Day
Live in Chicago 95
Live in Hamburg
London 1994
Mashed Potatoes
Mayonaise Dream (x2)
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Ga Ga Goo Goo
Quiet and Other Songs
Smashing Pumpkins - Live
Smashing the Puppets
Spaceboy (cover with baby and pumpkin)
Space Boys
Spaceboys (cover with baby and pumpkin)
Unplugged (100% Pure Acoustic Performances)
Versions (x2)

total: 37 (6 on official releases, 31 boots)

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Writing Credits
Billy Corgan



After the song, there's a clip from a TV talk show or something: "Now it's, uh, kind of strange, and, uh, kinda hard for me to talk about, but I thought maybe you could help- um, when we start getting physical, rather than having intercourse, he ends up just masturbating himself, and I end up feeling very alienated and unsatisfied, and it's really come between us-"

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