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Dec 1992 - Mar 1993 - Triclops Sound Studios

  (Billy Corgan, Butch Vig)


Tracks Recorded



Despite it's layers of guitar, Siamese dream was recorded more in a live-band fashion than Gish was. Pulseczar and Sinfony are probably Siamese outtakes, although they could have been recorded anytime. Purr Snickety might be a Gish outtake because it was performed live on 7/21/91, although released as a Siamese B-side and also registered with BMI during the Siamese Dream period. Contrary to general belief, Infinite Sadness was recorded during the Siamese sessions, and at that time it was called Mellon Collie. An alternate acoustic version of Mayonaise (erroneously dubbed a demo) was included on the 1991-1998 promo and the "Still Becoming Apart" Machina-era promo; this is actually an alternate mix of the released studio version, featuring the slightly phased acoustic click track (which can be heard on the album version notably at 3:35) and a tambourine. An alternate mix of Hello Kitty Kat was included on the promo cassette of Siamese Dream, but was subsequently stricken from the sequencing of the album when that mix was lost.

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