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Machina II/the friends & enemies of modern music


Format DOR Label ID Origin    
3 x 10" / 2LP 2000-09-05 Constantinople CR 01-04 US [1]  

1. Slow Dawn   3:15   [1]  
2. Vanity   4:08   [1]  
3. Saturnine - "Saturn9"   4:12   [1]  
4. Glass' Theme (spacey version) - "Glass/Alternate Version"   2:56   [1]  
1. Soul Power [James Brown]   3:02   [1]  
2. Cash Car Star "Version 1"   3:42   [1]  
3. Lucky 13   3:06   [1]  
4. Speed Kills - "Speed Kills But Beauty Lives Forever"   4:51   [1]  
1. If There Is a God (piano/vox)   2:34   [1]  
2. Try, Try, Try (alt. music/lyrics) - "Try / Version 1"   4:23   [1]  
3. Heavy Metal Machine (version I alt. mix)   6:47   [1]  
1. Glass' Theme - "Glass"   1:54   [1]  
2. Cash Car Star   3:18   [1]  
3. Dross   3:26   [1]  
4. Real Love   4:17   [1]  
5. Go   3:47   [1]  
6. Let Me Give the World to You   4:10   [1]  
7. Innosence   2:34   [1]  
8. Home   4:29   [1]  
9. Blue Skies Bring Tears (heavy) - "Blue Skies / Version Electronique"   3:18   [1]  
10. White Spyder   3:38   [1]  
11. In My Body   6:51   [1]  
12. If There Is a God (full band)   2:09   [1]  
13. Le Deux Machina (synth)   1:54   [1]  
14. Here's to the Atom Bomb - "Atom Bomb"   3:52   [1]  

  CR 04 (2LP)
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    A followup to Machina, and the last album from the band before their hiatus. As a final farewell, a limited pressing album was made (3x10" + 2LP, 5 discs total) and given away to be bootlegged out among the fans. Several rips from the vinyl were made, and are known as the 34 rip, SPIFC rip, Virgin rip, and Q101 rip. Track times listed above are from the Virgin rip (since all rips are from vinyl, exact track times may vary more than usual).

    As there was no tracklist included with the release, song titles are given as their standard name, and some were given additional descriptive comments in parentheses by SPFC. A press release issued later includes slightly different versions of the song titles, which are given in quotes as appropriate.

    All tracks are completely new/unheard, or new alternate versions of previously existing songs, except for Real Love, which appeared on the Friends & Enemies" 60m cassette>bootleg, and Le Deux Machina, which is the same synth version as found on the acoustic machina demos. The other songs which appear (i.e. Atom Bomb, Saturnine) are alternate versions which differ from otherwise released B-sides, etc.

    "Real Love" can now also be found on Rotten Apples (Greatest Hits), "Slow Dawn" and "Lucky 13" appear on the Rotten Apples bonus disc Judas O, and "Try, Try, Try (alt. music/lyrics)" aka "Try / Version 1" appears on the Untitled CD Single. These four tracks are the only Machina II tracks that were released by the band on CD.

    There are 25 copies on vinyl only. There is not, and will not be a CD pressing.

    NOTE: the above notes were written by SPFC and do NOT actually appear in the liner notes of the vinyl release. In fact, the only text which appears anywhere is ch5/the story of june (so far) - there are no credits, tracklists, or any other notes printed anywhere on the release. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

    [this release is not to be confused with the 60m cassette bootleg, also called "the Friends & Enemies of Modern Music"]

Pressing Info
  1. 25 (twenty-five) copies on hand-cut, non-lacquered acetate
    The 3 10"s come in plain white sleeves, the 2LP comes in a plain black sleeve with paper pasted to the inside, including "ch5/the story of june (so far)". The discs are labeled with small stickers bearing CR 01 thru CR 04 (CR 04 is the 2LP, w/ sides A-D). Each outer sleeve is completely wrapped in clear, wide packing tape with various repeating printed designs.
  2. The only CD releases of this album were made by Q101, which was sourced from their vinyl copy, as well as a Virgin in-house promo, apparently also sourced from vinyl. There are NO official CD releases, so be wary of any you see on ebay.

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