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11-10-88 demo tape

  1. Spiteface (live/Metro)
  2. I Fall (alternate demo)
  3. Death of a Mind (live/Avalon)
  4. There It Goes (demo)
  5. She (live/Metro)
  6. Untitled Instrumental Demo
  7. Under Your Spell (demo)
  8. My Eternity (live/Metro)
  9. Oh My Fuckin Head (demo)
  10. Red House
  11. Nothing and Everything (live/Avalon)
  12. Bleed (live/Avalon)
  13. It's Only My Life (leftover demo-NEC)
  14. Oui Henri (live/Avalon)
  15. Lock Me Up (Club 21)
  16. I Love Your Sister (rehearsal)
  17. Dee (unused demo-NEC)
  18. Answer (unused SP song)
  19. Screaming (live/Club 21)
  20. Lookout (unused demo-NEC)
  21. Under Your Spell (live/Avalon)

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A photo of this cassette was posted by Jerome Brown (Catherine) on reddit on 2023-04-23, with the title/caption "This one handed to me when we were younger".

"NEC" refers to "Nothing Ever Changes."

Unlikely this will ever circulate, but notable for several titles which have never appeared anywhere else (tracks 9, 10, 13, 15-18, 20).

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