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Nothing Ever Changes

  1. Your Love
  2. Nothing and Everything
  3. Holiday
  4. Pain
  5. Piano
  6. H
  7. The Vigil (live)
  8. Villians
  9. We Have Fear
  10. Honesty
  11. Hey! What's Your Plan
  12. Daisy Chains
  13. Mao Say Tongue #1 (see below)
  14. Breathe
  15. My Eternity (live)
  16. Cross (pre-Gish demo)
  17. Idol

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Label:  (none)
Track info: Text from liner reads:
All songs by Billy
All instruments, drum prog. by Billy
Breathe - James guitar, Billy bass
and the two live cuts which have
Ron on drums, James on guitar, Billy on bass
Tape completed 6-1-88


Demo tape "completed" 1988-06-01, which appeared on SP Nexus' Memorabilia Mondays on 2014-08-04. Listed here in the bootlist (instead of w/ the Nothing Ever Changes demo in the discography) as it appears to be a private demo tape not intended for public sale/promotion.

May Say Tongue is listed without a number, so it is unknown whether it corresponds to the "#1" or "#2" version known from Marked tapes (e.g. this).

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