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Adore Demos II

  1. Lover
  2. Let Me Give the World to You
  3. Because You Are
  4. Satellites
  5. Without You
  6. Joy
  7. Blissed and Gone
  8. Saturnine
  9. Cross (Adore-era demo) [cut]
  10. Winterlong
  11. Soot and Stars
  12. Chewing Gum
  13. Do You Close Your Eyes
  14. My Mistake
  15. Jersey Shore
  16. Valentine
  17. Waiting [cut]
Label:  (none)


  • Chewing Gum, Do You Close Your Eyes, and My Mistake are the same versions that appears on Adore Demos I.
  • Because You Are is the same version that appears on Judas O, but with a slightly longer intro and outro.
  • Soot and Stars is the same base recording, but a different mix/edit, than the one on Judas O, which adds noticeable reverb and delay to the piano and vocal tracks
  • Blissed and Gone is the same version that appears on Still Becoming Apart and Judas O, with the ending cut short.
  • Lover and Let Me Give the World to You are the same versions that appear on Machina Acoustic Demos.
  • Cross is slightly cut and Waiting is more significantly cut, due to being on the end of Side A and B (respectively) of the source tape. Waiting is the same recording as on Judas O and the 7-track Machina promo.

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