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Adore Demos I

  1. For Martha (instrumental)
  2. Chewing Gum
  3. The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete
  4. Annie-Dog
  5. Once in a While
  6. Do You Close Your Eyes
  7. My Mistake
  8. Blissed and Gone
  9. The End Is the Beginning Is the End
  10. The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
Label:  (none)
ID: -
Track info: Tracks 1-10:   Feb 1997 - Chicago Recording Company
Length: 42:00


A collection of Adore-era demos, which first popped up on ebay in late Jan/early Feb 2000.
Track 1 is labeled 'The Other Side'.
Tracks 4-5 are the same as the album/single versions.
Track 8 is labeled 'I Need You Around', and is an acoustic demo, distinct from the Judas O release.
Tracks 9 and 10 are labeled 'Batman take 1' and 'Batman take 2'.

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