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4.1 Pricing/finding rarities

Ain't progress grand?  Where once fans had to scour overseas web sites and
pore through collectors' magazines, nowadays pretty much every TSP rarity that's
for sale pops up on eBay. Of course, this means there's a lot more competition
for actually getting the item, which can drive up the prices quite a bit.
A few copies of the Machina II vinyl have even appeared over the years, with bids
getting up to $10,000 before the auctions are inevitably canceled. The band itself
even has their own official eBay store set up with t-shirts, backstage passes, and
other rarities- even the occasional instrument or piece of tour equipment:

Traders and rarity seekers can also peruse the SP Freaks collection at,
which lists an obscene amount of SP-related items, including foreign issues,
bootleg vinyls, test pressings and promos, backstage passes, posters, awards,
and even such bizarre items as decorative spoons and legal documents.

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