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4.2 Books

There are several books available on SP.  Here's the info (prices are approximate list prices): 

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins - A Tear-Out Photo Book 
     Author: none 
     Pub:    Oliver Books 
     ISBN:   1-870049-92-6 
     Notes:  20 full-page photos, text on opposite sides 
     Price:  ~$12

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream 
     Author: Aaron Stang (ed)
     Pub:    Warner Bros. (1994/05/02)
     ISBN:   0-89898-825-X 
     Notes:  Guitar tablature book, with intro and comments on each song by
     Price:  ~$20  (buy [])

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins 
     Author: Nick Wise 
     Pub:    Omnibus Press/Book Sales Ltd. (1994/06)
     ISBN:   0-7119-4166-1 
     Notes:  56 pages, color photos on each page. 
     Price:  ~$12  (buy [])

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 
     Author: Aaron Stang (ed)
     Pub:    Warner Bros. (1996/06)
     ISBN:   1-57623-339-1 
     Notes:  Guitar tablature book, includes 'Guitar Geek USA' articles written 
             by BC for Guitar World 
     Price:  ~$30  (buy [])

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins: Fully Illustrated Book & Interview Disc
     Author: Jim Stapleton 
     Pub:    Carlton Books/Music Book Services (1996/10)
     ISBN:   1-5789-9007-6 
     Notes:  120 pages, same size as a CD 
     Price:  ~$10  (buy [])

     Title:  Unofficial Full Colour Collectors Book and Discography on
             Smashing Pumpkins
     Author: Blanche Parker
     Pub:    Mastertone (1997)
     ISBN:   1-8406-9007-0
     Notes:  98 page photo book with discography
     Price:  ~$5  (buy [])

     Title:  The New Best of Smashing Pumpkins for Guitar: Easy TAB Deluxe
     Author: none
     Pub:    Alfred (1997/03)
     ISBN:   1-5762-3756-7
     Notes:  Guitar tab for  Bullet, Cherub Rock, Cupid de Locke, Disarm,
             Here Is No Why, Love, Muzzle, 1979, Spaceboy, Thirty Three,
             Today, and Tonight, Tonight
     Price:  ~$5  (buy [])

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins - Adore
     Author: Andy Aledort
     Pub:    Warner Bros. (1999/07)
     ISBN:   0-7692-6396-8
     Notes:  Guitar tablature book, with complete solos and piano scores.
             Full-page pics of each members (like the cd).
     Price:  ~$30  (buy [])

     Title:  The Best of Smashing Pumpkins for Easy Guitar
     Author: none
     Pub:    Music Sales Ltd (2000)
     ISBN:   0-7119-6660-5
     Notes:  12 songs with simplified guitar tab, chords and lyrics
     Price:  ~$15  (buy [])

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins: Tales of a Scorched Earth
     Author: Amy Hanson
     Pub:    Helter Skelter (2004/08/01)
     ISBN:   1-9009-2468-4
     Notes:  256p paperback bio on the band.
     Price:  ~$18  (buy [])

     Title:  Blinking With Fists
     Author: Billy Corgan
     Pub:    Faber & Faber (2004/09/09)
     ISBN:   0-5712-1189-5
     Notes:  Book of poetry written by Billy Corgan.  Hardcover.
     Price:  ~$18  (buy [])

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins Anthology
     Author: ?
     Pub:    Hal Leonard (2006/01/01)
     ISBN:   0-6340-7955-7
     Notes:  Guitar tablature book with 19 "best" songs.
     Price:  ~$20  (buy [])

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins: the secret history 
     Author: Alan Cross
     Pub:    Audio Joe (2012/06/26)
     ISBN:   n/a
     Notes:  Short Kindle ebook
     Price:  ~$2  (buy [])

     Title:  Smashing Pumpkins Unauthorized & Uncensored
     Author: R.B. Grimm
     Pub:    Famous People Collection (2014/02/19)
     ISBN:   n/a
     Notes:  Kindle ebook with videos
     Price:  ~$2  (buy [])

     Title:  Billy the Egomaniac: A Smashing Pumpkins Comic
     Author: Kate Fuller
     Pub:    CreateSpace (2014/06/11)
     ISBN:   1-4699-5931-3
     Notes:  Comic strip based on "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac"
     Price:  ~$9  (buy [])

     Title:  Bowie's Piano Man: The Life of Mike Garson
     Author: Clifford Slapper
     Pub:    Backbeat Books (2018/05/15, updated/revised paperback)
     ISBN:   1-6171-3693-X
     Notes:  Biography on Mike Garson, 2-time TSP pianist
     Price:  ~$25  (buy [])

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