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3.10 Alternate Names Used By The Band

Over the years, the Pumpkins have made a lot of music and played many shows,
but not always been under the name "The Smashing Pumpkins". The following is a 
list of other names that the band has used, along with a brief explanation of 
the context in which each. 

The Turnips
 - No information.

Audio Vanguard Association
 - The band called themselves this for a secret show at the Double Door, in 
Chicago, on June 23, 1997. This concert was one of the very first after 
the start of the Adore recording sessions. It is likely that the band chose 
this name because the first letter of each word spells out "Ava", which of 
course relates to Adore's first single, "Ava Adore".

 - Please see section 6.2 of the FAQ for further info.

Spirits in the Sky
 - A short tour in mid-2009 consisting of Billy Corgan and a number of guests,
including Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro and longtime Pumpkins
producer, engineer and collaborator Kerry Brown. The band name and tour
were done as a memorial benefit for Sky Saxon of The Seeds, with whom Billy
had recently been working.

Backwards Clock Society
 - A one-off concert in November 2009, consisting of Billy Corgan, Mark Tulin
of The Electric Prunes, Kerry Brown, and other guest artists. The show was a
benefit concert for longtime friend Laura Ann Masura, who was previously in
charge of the band's fan mail, and had been injured in a motorcycle accident.
Jimmy's original Gish-era drum kit, and Billy's bass guitar from the band's
first show were auctioned off to help pay for her medical bills.

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