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2.12g Vinyl - variant B-sides

The B-sides (and C-sides, where they exist) of vinyl releases often differ from 
those of cassette and CD/CDS releases.  Following is a list of songs (not
including those from Machina II) that can only be found on vinyl (excluding
unofficial/bootleg releases): 

     Daughter - Reflex magazine 7" flexi-disc (extremely rare)
     Bullet Train to Osaka - I Am One 10"
     Cottonwood Symphony - TbK EP2 bonus vinyl
     Honey Spider I - Tristessa 12"
     Honey Spider II - Pisces Iscariot bonus 7"
     Infinite Sadness - MCIS triple vinyl (3x12")
     Inkless (Original Mix) - The Celestials/Inkless 7"
     My Dahlia - Light Into Dark compilation 12"
     Not Worth Asking - I Am One 7", Pisces Iscariot bonus 7"
     Purr Snickety - Cherub Rock 7" (also in Siamese Singles box set)
     Siamese Dream - Disarm 7" (also in Siamese Singles box set)
     Sun - Light Into Dark compilation 12"
     Teargarden Theme - TbK EP1 bonus vinyl
     Terrapin [Syd Barrett] - I Am One 10"

The original 7" version of I Am One can be found on the Absolute Middle of 
Nowhere #17 compilation CD, and the Today 7" b-side "Apathy's Last Kiss" can be 
found on the Japanese Today import CDS. Most of the above were made available
on the 2005 digital download compilation "Rarities and B-Sides", and some have been included on the 201x deluxe re-issues.

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