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2.12h Deluxe Re-issues

On April 26, 2011, Billy posted a video on the band's facebook page (transcript
available here) announcing what many fans had been waiting for for quite a long
time, and what Billy himself had been wanting to do since as early as 2000: the
band would re-release all of their back catalog albums as deluxe re-issues. In
addition to the usual remastering, each album will be getting (at least) an
extra disc of bonus material.  On top of that, the band now has the rights to
release any of its previously unreleased material at any time, however
they want, without having to get prior clearance.

The first set of re-issues, including Gish, Siamese Dream, and Pisces Iscariot,
were originally slated for release by the end of 2011, with MCIS, TAFH and Adore
in 2012, and Machina / Machina II in 2013. Not surprisingly, though, there were
delays, with Pisces and MCIS released in 2012, TAFH in 2013, and Adore pushed
back to late 2014. Machina and M2 are not expected until 2015 or later.

Deluxe reissues from Gish thru Pisces Iscariot included a single bonus disc and
live DVD of extra material. MCIS added 3 extra CDs plus a live DVD. TAFH crammed
the original 5 discs full of extra tracks as well as adding an extra disc + DVD,
and Adore includes an extra 4 discs + DVD, plus the album in both stereo and

The original press release can be read here:

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