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2.12f Import/domestic singles

Differences in singles are quite common- generally US and UK singles are 
limited to two or three B-sides, for chart/ratings purposes- including more 
songs would change their status from 'single' to 'EP', which would mean they 
couldn't be counted in certain charts.  Usually, where different versions of a 
single exist, the US version will simply omit certain B- sides, UK releases 
will be split into two parts, and Japanese or central European releases 
(Germany, Holland, etc.) will include all tracks. 

Here are some examples:

CD singles for I Am One, Cherub Rock, Rocket, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, and 
Zero either exist only in one form (from one country), or have the same number 
of tracks on each release (except that the box set release of BwBW also 
includes 5 cover songs).

Disarm is in two parts from the UK, labeled "Heart" and "Smile". Tonight, 
Tonight, Thirty-Three, and Perfect, as well as having 2-part UK singles, also 
have a US counterpart with omitted B-sides.

1979, Tonight, Tonight, and Perfect have central-Europe releases with all B-
sides included.  1979 and Perfect also have US releases with omitted B-sides. 

Today and Tonight, Tonight also have Japanese import versions: Today features 
Hello Kitty Kat, Obscured, French Movie Theme, and Apathy's Last Kiss (only 
otherwise available on the Today 7").  Tonight, Tonight has the same tracks as 
the central-Europe release (i.e. all 6 B-sides).

For detailed information on singles and the different versions, consult the

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