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2.12e Earphoria - promo/bootleg/official release

A CD version of "Vieuphoria", the band's first video release, exists as
"Earphoria". Besides having the full versions of each song from Vieuphoria,
the "Over the Rainbow" tease from the middle of Silverfuck, which was cut
from the video release (likely due to licensing issues), appears intact.

For a while, Earphoria existed as a promo (rare) and as various
bootlegged/copied versions.  The promo CD is light blue with pink SP-
hearts, and includes a picture of James and Bugg on the back of the liner.  The 
bootlegged versions are usually cheap copies- image quality on the liner is 
obviously inferior, some versions are missing the picture of James & Bugg, and 
some of the CDs are simply black hearts on blank CDs.  Some versions also mess 
up the tracks by combining French Movie Theme and Pissant onto one track, and 
splitting Silverfuck into two tracks.  The biggest apparent difference, though, 
is price- the promo will usually cost significantly more, if you can find it 

Also note that there's a bootleg CD entitled "Billy Don't Be a Hero" that is, 
essentially, a copy of Earphoria.

In 2002, an official release of Earphoria was made, eliminating the need to
hunt down the much rarer promo version, or pay for a bootleg version.

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