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La Dolly Vita

"so old yet it is kinda timeless in a strange way. i think it is because it has a dignity all it's own. we also tried to re-record this for gish, but my heart was not in it. so many mistakes but the raygun is always on if i catch my assumption. mary's always on the shoulder and the devil has his pitch fork on that backside of yours. la dolly vita, true as blue sky, cool as ice cream the b-side of our second single recorded with butch vig. we recoreded this and tristessa on the same day somewhere in the past and it was also the first day we met butch v. still one of my favorite hidden songs, this brings back many memories. sorry, a tad too personal. be careful what you say but be careful what you don't say." -BC (PI liner notes)



i lay my head on her bosom
to cry myself to sleep
i seek no greater wisdom
than she has given me

la dolly vita
sweet as true love
la dolly vita
cool as ice cream
cool as i scream

even with all her visions
you can't even stop
can't see what you're missing
spinning like a top

fade away i want to see her
fade away i want to see her
i only want to be her

la dolly vita
true as blue sky
la dolly vita
cool as ice cream
cool as i scream

take it all the way down
forsake what you have now
take it all the way down


1990 - Smart Studios
Dec 1990 - Mar 1991 - Smart Studios (Gish recordings)


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Writing Credits
Billy Corgan



there's a weird "ooh!" noise at 3:33, and a cuckoo at 3:44

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