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born of love and cast in light
don't you know we cannot die

we are stars
we are
we are stars
we are
we are stars
we are

the stars above, stars of grace
shining down what's left of face
you hurt so bad
this knowing, this fallacy
i want so much
to follow as I lead

for love I keep
silent I weep
dead suns rule dead air
but Heaven is everywhere


torn from God and flung towards night
don't you want what I can't fight

we are stars
we are
we are stars
we are
we are stars
we are

the stars that shine, stars that bleed
silver seeking destiny
so follow please
this hurts so much
this knowing carries me
we want so bad
we forget we are free
Spirit smile on
deep black diamond
so rise the lost toys
island of white noise
and purple haze

we are starz
we are starz
we are starz

what hurts so much
is knowing we are free!


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Billy Corgan

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