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Say Goodbye

[BC Solo]



some will go and never leave
some will stay
and just can't grieve from here

some will go and make it near
some will stay
and make it clear they'll leave
they will leave/they will leave
they believe
say goodbye...

i will stay and i can't leave
i would go if i could grieve from here

i breathe the air but i don't live
i live inside
and i just can't care from here
i make this clear/i don't believe
i can leave
say goodbye...

welcome back/welcome back

find the road/check the door
turn off the lights/wash the floor
find the sun/catch the mood
get some rest/hum the tune
say goodbye...

some will go and never leave
i must stay and show my faith in you
call you up, you're just not home
but when i'm home
you're just not there for me
i make it clear
you just don't see/you just don't see
say goodbye...



BC solo song from 2004, only played (known) once live, mentioned on his blog

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