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"Even though 'Suffer' appears to be a romantic diatribe about suffering, it's actually a romantic diatribe about growing up." -BC (Jim Stapleton book)

"Existential love is for lovers, a raga dedicated to being trapped in who you are. A girl I love once and still hands me a penny whistle, and says 'do you know how to play?' I am the piper, calling in the morning hues with my simple melody. An apocalypse comes with my tune, riders now face the dawn. They have come to behead those who stand along the road, so we run and hide in the dense hungles instead. They will come for us anyway. Instead of fighting we will dance around a fire. We cease to be. Pan plays the flute far better than I." -BC, Gish 2011 re-issue liner notes



all that you suffer is all that you are
all that you smother is all that you are
and you're seeing, you're seeing
you're seeing who you are
what takes meaning is cleaning
the meaning of who you are

on this seam
i will dream
on this seam

all of your struggles beneath your disguise
drink from the reasons that hold you alive
to ascend from the words of desire and pain
you must rise from the bounds of desire and shame

too late to discover peace of mind
too late to recover me

all you see and all you breathe
and all you cease to be
taking down your only son
and what he means to me
your dream will be
to dream with me

will you wait?
yes i'll wait
i will wait for you
will you wait?
yes i'll wait
i will wait for you

to cleanse your life takes more than time
take what you want
take all of me

too late to discover peace of mind
i've no peace of mind
too late to recover

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Dec 1990 - Mar 1991 - Smart Studios (Gish recordings)


Gish (x2)   (buy [])
Gish (promo)

4/12/1994 + candles set
The Aeroplane Flies Underground
The Black Sessions (Sangatte)
Black Sessions (Alley Kat)
Mashed Potatoes
Not Plugged In
Out of Focus
Rarities Vol. 2
Smashing Pumpkins - Live
Unplugged (100% Pure Acoustic Performances)
We Can Work It Out

total: 19 (3 on official releases, 16 boots)

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