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Space Age

"SPACE AGE (performed by The Seraphim to Shiny's hovering craft): The Seraphim, in observation of Shiny's progress and impact on the galactic order, sing as he approaches the perihelion of the Sun; or that point at which, should his ship continue a moment further, he will be unable to return. And whereby, forces unknown stop Shiny's craft." (ATUM story notes)

(note: the perihelion is the nearest point in an object's orbit around its star- "crossing" this point at any angle other than head-on into the star would simply alter the object's orbit, so its usage here is incorrect. Most likely he was going for the analog of a black hole's event horizon- the distance beyond which nothing, including light, can escape- but for regular stars there is no such boundary, as any "point of no return" would depend on the orbiting object's mass and propulsion capability)



Stars should follow
Stars worth sorrow
Where all tomorrows
That bore brunt, borrowed time
Used to run, run blue
I used to run, run abused
Built 'round an orbit I'd presume
But here there is nothing old, old of you
And sold, sold as shrewd
They've spent their legends and said youth
Where now is simply then

I don't know, know true
I just know, know of you
Set on a latch and pretty-proofed
I hope you find your sun, sun to shine
Where all, all that's mine
Is given up for something wise
So then is simply now

Stars should follow
Stars worth sorrow
Where all tomorrows
That bore brunt, borrowed time... are mine


ATUM : A Rock Opera In Three Acts   (buy [])


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Writing Credits
Billy Corgan

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