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Along the banks of rivers zion
Sang a fallen and forsworn
The chain of human rage
And let between an ocean rain
And lambs so led, I stayed

If this be life
Our evening's prayer
Or death's denouement

A thorned idyll
That's offered no one
And I've stood for no one
Then father, I'm nowhere
I'm no closer to your throne

Swirling forth, the sea conscripted
Each, the dead and nursery rhyme
At voice, a trailing drone
And baptized by the breath of pain
I crossed heart's knave and swore

Swirling forth, the dead and nursery rhyme

Pacific glass these gifts rend senseless
And knell, repentless
The auger of the cosmic traveler
As god's own straggler
Who's vowed, unopposed
To embody word and shore


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Writing Credits
Billy Corgan

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