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[BC Solo]



Tender was the night
Torrid sways the scene
Prayers sent grasping for
Forlorn, sinewy dream
Wave on horsemen
Alert the midnight guard
Finally breathing a
Last, dear heart

There you are

Once, you came
Once, you seemed to me
Surmounting catcalls
That brought you peace
30 years
Dirty worn soul
Be brave, such lovelies
As the wind blows

Tear the curtain down
Tear the curtain down

Tender swung the night
Florid was our fiending
Hymns sent clutching for
Phantasmic, snarling teeth
Skip on horsemen
Dessert your midnight dodge
Finally leaving for this
Last, dread power

There you are
Once, you seemed to me
Surmounting Ziegfeld
And 42nd street
Through the tears
Cut a warm soul
Be brave, my lovely
As the final act blows

Pull the curtain closed
Pull the curtain closed

There you are
Once you came with me
Defying Ziegfeld
And 42nd street
Tear the curtain down
Tear the curtain down
There you are


Cotillions   (buy [])


BMI Number

Writing Credits
Billy Corgan



From WPC's 2019 solo album, Cotillions

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