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The Hunted

"Has the distinction of being so catchy from the first you almost don't know what to do with it. So Howard name checked some band I won't mention and said how they'd had a hit where the bass carries the song forward (the guitars as such being held back). This prompted a running of the bass line (WALDORF) into a FOX-FUZZ, which sounded great; the song untouched and dosed with guitars at the appropriate moment." -BC, SP Nexus 2014-03-30

"One of those riff-type deals that had gotten the gussying up; chorus-style. Having added in some parts this morning, I was happy that my partners were receptive to the tweaks." -BC, 2014-04-02

"She of the killer chorus and the encouraging mono-riff, but never the 'twain shall weep. (apologies for high school verbosities)" -BC, 2014-04-09






Song discussed on the official SP site in spring 2014, possibly slated for one of the 2 albums planned for 2015.

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