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Special Winner's Song



Let me see your fuckin' hands in the air
Come on, let's see your hands, kickin' out that dope beat
C'mon let me see your hands,
Let's see them like you just don't care,
Let get in the fuckin' air
Jump you motherfucker,
I don't care how white you are, jump,
Yeah I'm feeling it right now
My name is James, I'm playing your game
Ow your fire is hot, can I put it in your pot?
I don't think so!
D'arcy Wretzky on the motherfucking bass, what a groove she's kickin'.
A smoother groove would be one by Jimmy Chamberlin, the Joliet mustard,
The Joliet mustard, Jimmy Chamberlin!
On the lead vocal kicking that dope ass rock, Billy Corgan, c'mon!
I know you got it in you, yea, come on, oh yeah fuck yeah.
C'mon, c'mon you people right now, do something.
You fuckin' lazy ass shit, get in the fuckin' air. Come on!
Alright we're doing it smooth at the Double Door owned by Joe Shanahan.
We'd like to thank everyone for coming out tonight on the awards:
Mark Williams, a man called Flood, a man called Kevin Dancer,
Andy Gorschov, Michael Listig.
C'mon let's hear it for them...


The Aeroplane Flies High   (buy [])


BMI Number

Writing Credits
Billy Corgan / D'arcy Wretzky / James Iha / Jimmy Chamberlin



improv song featuring James rapping, from Double Door 1995-02-28

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