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You Won't Let Me Down Again [Campbell/Lanegan]

[Side Projects]



You sold your soul when you drank the morning dew
Down on your luck and so thirsty through and through

A Crack in the mirror tells
Of seven years of pain
And you won't let me down again

Drive through the land just to see the ocean green
Race to the coast as no telling where I've been

Both eyes on the road ahead
Don't wanna look behind
And you won't let me down again

Ten miles south of the city
I lose you in the rain
So you won't let me down again

Aeroplane Aeroplane race across the fields
Taking me homewards, further from the deals

If our love was a weaker man
Give up without a sound
But you won't let me down again

Strength is in the solitude
I try to obtain
But you wont let me down again

A head full of visions I struggle to recall
Most ancient of wisdoms a fortitude I saw

Air will crack with me
The harvest moon will rain
And you won't let me down again

And I don't look for pity
So if it's all the same
You won't let me down again
You won't let me down again


Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Hawk   (buy [])

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Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan track, featuring James Iha on guitar.

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