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Who Knows [Hendrix]




They don't know, they don't know
Like I know, like I know
Do you know, they don't know
I don't know, i don't know
What my baby, what my baby
Put on down, put on down
What my baby, what my baby
Put on down baby, put on down now
I just came back from, i don't know
I can't count it, i can't count it

I just came back in town, they don't know
I'm lookin' for my seller, i don't know my baby
Have you seen her, have you freed her yeah
Have you seen her, oooh hhhooo
Talkin' about my baby, goin' down
Talkin' about my baby

I just came in, I just came in baby
I just came in, I just came in
Spread the magic honey, all in my bed
She got chains, attached to my head
Talkin' about, talkin' about
Talkin' about my baby
I don't know about it

They don't know, what I know
They don't know, like I know
All the time been hangin' around
All the time I hang around
She didn't know, ahh she didn't care
She didn't know, she didn't care
And she go walkin' down the street singin'
Everybody da
Da da dada da doo doo

They don't know, nobody knows
They don't know, just don't know

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Jimi Hendrix, from his 1970 live album "Band of Gypsys."

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