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"obscured is old because it was originally supposed to be on the lull e.p which was really supposed to be a single but they tricked me. written during gish recordings we have finished it and let it sit for 2 years and then it came out as the b side of today i in the uk. the darkland. so it was all my friends tapes and supposed to be on the next one but i swore i would never do it again re- record one of our own songs because it is lame to do so. 1991.what a year. such a pretty song, sunday in the park music chicagofest." -BC (PI liner notes)



lost your head now you sleep on the floor
what you said i don't want anymore
through the haze make your eyes up to ache
out in space, days away

through these eyes
i rely on all i see obscured
through these eyes
it looks like i'm home tonight

left for dead as you sweep out the door
things we said we don't mean anymore
tear inside like a fallen kite
ah, ah, ah, ah, hey, hey, yeah

through these eyes
i rely on all i see obscured
through these eyes
looks like i'm home tonight
what you said made a mess of me
what you said i don't want obscured


Dec 1990 - Mar 1991 - Smart Studios (Gish recordings)


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